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GMC 2.5 Ton (Duce & a Half) .. History & Technical Description.

 CCKWs were employed in large numbers for the Red Ball Express, an enormous convoy system created by Allied forces to supply their forces moving through Europe following the breakout from the D-Day beaches in Normandy, from August 25 to November 16, 1944, when the port facilities at Antwerp were opened.  At its peak the Red Ball operated 5,958 vehicles, and carried about 12,500 tons of supplies a day.

Technical Specifications :-

Length :- 6.51 meters (21.63 ft)

Width :- 2.24 meters (7.35 ft)

Height :- 2.8 meters (9.19 ft)

Weight :- 10,100 lb (5.3 Ton)

Engine :- 6 cylinder 95 Hp (269 CID [Cubic Inch Displacement])

GMC CCKW Duce & Half.

The designation CCKW comes from model nomenclature used by GMC; the first C indicated a vehicle designed in 1941, the second C signifies a conventional cab, the K indicates all-wheel drive and the W indicated tandem rear axles.  The term "Deuce and a Half" is not a post war term and was applied to all 2½ ton cargo trucks.  Including the DUKW, General Motors in the US produced 562,750 of these 5.2 ton trucks just prior to and during World War 2.

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