Chrismas 2009 Frost-bite Road Run (return to Diary Page)

This event was undertaken by a handful of intrepid adventurers who braved the snow and ice between Christmas and New Year. A days outing taking in some of the most breathtaking winter scenery in and around the Westerdale area, it was a brilliant day out and enjoyed by everyone.


Break for coffee and mince pies at one of the range car parks close to Bellerby


Photo call



Car park high up on the Catterick Ranges

Roll call !!


View over the wall from the car park, spent some time on this pistol range in the past but not in this weather.

Bolton Arms and Pub lunch, a very welcome sight.

Good food and a real fire.


Fed and watered, our intrepid group are ready to press on.

Tail end charlies view

Convoy leaders view, track still discernable.


Onward and upward

track is getting a little tricky

Onward ever onward


Still we press on...

scenery is stunning..

First signs of potential problems for Steve on this right hander and subsiquent incline, checkout the sign in the background


Track is beginning to disappear!

when the going gets tough the tough get going....

mist is getting thicker still we press on..


Mike has just run out of road, Walter says it all!!

Where no man has gone before! and he's still smiling?


Not a lot of traction here.....

End of the road!!

Time to turn round



Time to back up, we have gone as far as we can.



Time to about turn

Last vehicle to turn and we can return to the pub and regroup

Mikes new Christmas bonnet mascot??


It's just all too much for Dave..

Where's Mike?

Oh yes I remember, stuck!


Any chance of a tow Steve? No movement...

Walter offers assistance, 3 in a row now, hope this works we are running out of tow ropes.

judging by Walters expression we have movement.


Champ proves its worth....

All ready to return, back the way we came, ah well it was worth the try.

All safely back down now back to the pub for an 'O' group.












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