Saddleworth MVT Weekend (return to Diary Page)

What a difference a bit of sun makes, a complete contrast to last year. This must have been one of the hottest weekends of the year and it certainly brought out the general public. Both the Saturday and Sunday road runs were booked up and lots of vehicles took part. The village turnout was tremendous and the streets were packed with flag wavers and bunting.  Standards were on parade along with the Mayor, Winston and Monty.  A good Varity of vehicles took part on both days and a good deal of merrymaking was evident on both Friday and Saturday well into the evenings.  Unfortunately for me the hot weather took its revenge on the champ and we broke down on a number of occasions each of which was dutifully recorded for posterity by Ernie who claimed he was just taking photos of the very interesting roadside verges and hedges on the way to the ‘Carriage House’ yea pull the other one.    













What a weekend, but I have to say the old girl did bring us all the way back to Teesside without any real trouble, roll on the next show!!!


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