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This is an event organised by the Vintage Traction Society and held annually at Scorton Village. It is predominantly agricultural vehicles and machinery although the classic car and fire engines have a good attendance. Some of us from DTV area attended last year and boosted the few military vehicles present. Those of us who attended last year considered it to be worth adding to our events list for this year and use it as an end of season relaxing weekend, though there was no real need for us to perform this time we did create a small compound of vehicles and tentage for the general public to visit, we were also asked if we could provide some form of arena event. It was a pity we were unable to comply with the organisers wishes this year (didn’t bring enough stuff) so we agreed that if there was to be a similar request next year we would gladly oblige. The weekend was blessed with great weather which always helps and the evening BBQ went well.

Scorton relaxing weekend




Up in the morning's the game Malcolm, or could it be that some of the other patients in the ambulance were snoring ??


No movement from this encampment

Early morning and breakfast in bed?? well a cup of tea at least!

Official car?? some yellow lights next Dave!

Last Post??




Road Run on the Sunday



BBQ went well, glad you brought the heater Malcolm

Second win of the year, it's always nice when your efforts are recoqnised


A great turnout looking forward to next year's event.

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