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This was an invite from Steve Pickard and the re-enactment group to attend the 'Families Day' at RAF Leeming. This is an annual event but the first time for our MVT Area and proved to be a very exciting day. The presented vehicles and the displays formed part of the overall features for the day but the real stars were the aircraft. The full memorial flight was over staying and during the day put on a great display as did all the other flights including the new Euro Fighter. The day was full of activity and enjoyed by everyone who attended, unfortunately yours truly missed the event due to the paperwork for my secondary vehicle not being in order and so missed a great day, just to cap it all the weather was absolutely brilliant, a great day and cracking photographs provided by Steve Carr and Mike Scorer with many thanks to Steve Pickard for all the arrangements.

RAF Leeming Families Day


Attempting to start Walter's clockwork Champ


Ground crew in place

Quiz question here, what are the hieroglyphics all about, ask Steve I did!!!



You can make out the pilot in this one great photo Steve.




The aircraft were the real stars of the day and it doesn't get any better than this!!!






As allways lots of activity around the displays




Thanks to Steve Pickard for a great day

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