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The trip to Newby Hall allmost didnt happen, Friday night was a washout and after some phoning around the decision to go Saturday morning was made. No change to the weather and again the decision was made not to chance it. Putting tents up in the rain is not a pleasurable activity so we decided to go on the Sunday only. A better day from the weather perspective and so Walter, Richard and I convoyed to Newby Mike joined us during the day and Malcolm unfortunatly was unable to make it. The turn-out must have been well down on expectations judging from the gaps in the shiny brigades ranks though a good turn-out from the tractor boys as you would expect. A reasonable turn-out from the military camp and as luck would have it the higher ground allocated away from the main display area worked in their favour and so were saved from the enevitable massive puddles which appeared around the entire site, a real shame since it is a good venue.


Newby Hall




Exelby meeting place, ready to move

Dave checking the latest weather report

Not everything comes in green paint



Champ brigade out in force

Can't escape the rain

Can't keep good men down


Excellent Dinky Toy display from the Tractor boys


Sense of humour prevails


You press the peddals I'll turn the wheel





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