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The Elvington event was as popular as ever dispite the miserable forcast, what is it about this event and the weather? The club turn-out to suport this event was excellent although as always we seem to be spread all over the site. The flypast on saturday caught me without my camera so no photos of that I'm afraid. The 25pounder display I thought particularly impressive with two guns in operation on both days. A lot of heavy equipment on display dispite the current state of depression is encouraging for future events. Not quite sure how Mike and Julie managed in the two man bivvi on Saturday night, there was a lot of talk about 9 x 9's on Sunday morning. Dave showed the newly acquired 110 for the first time increasing the RAF contingent to two.


Not quite sure what was going on here!




Trouble brewing



9 x 9 or 2 man bivvi ??? no contest!!

one of two immaculate 25 pounders

Dave, could this be the next move!!!!






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