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Page 2 --- GMC Arrival & Lifting Half Track

S.O.P. for a breakdown in the military is to raise the yellow flag and wait for the L.A.D/REME recovery to collect you, well I raised the flag in the bar of 108 Pioneer Regt RLC at Colby Newham TA Centre and true to form they responded though a 1944 GMC Troop carrier and an ex Israeli half track were probably not what they are used to recovering. A phone call from OC LAD Capt Chaimberlin confirmed the recovery request was granted, having cleared it with his Commanding Officer and from their perspective was to be used as a P.R. exercise. An article was to be written for their Craftsman (REME) magazine all of which was great news to us.


Capt Chaimberlin surveys the task in hand


Recce crew inspect the vehicle needing recovery






Left: Dave looking happy discussing proceedings with SSgt Prichard

Above: Crew also seem to be in good spirits..


There's got to be a caption for this one!! That chain seem's to be causing a lot of interest?

There are prop shafts somwhere under here!!

How come I got this job? well at least it's dry under here.










Finally on the move, certainly a picture for the photo album, it’s not often we are able to enlist the services of the army to help with our hobby but on this occasion every one managed to get something out of it..






Despite torrential rain which continued throughout the entire exercise the recovery went without a hitch



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