2010 Crank Up (return to Diary Page)

Second start of the season 'Road Run' (winter sports day excluded) we started this one at Fishburn Airfield and taking a circular route we spent a very pleasant day in convoy. Lunch was planned at a picturesque resevoire car park which happened to be full of like minded others. The convoy moved along the road to the end of the resevoire which although scenic was a little windy. Lots of fishermen taking advantage of the day just like us. Bit of a surprise to see a loan Reo or GMC not sure which I was to far back in the convoy but I bet they were pleasantly surprised to see us moving in the opposite direction. This was a great start to the season and enjoyed by all who attended. Looking forward to the new diary of events for 2010.


Car park Fishburn Airfield


Vehicles ready to move

Convoy leader seems happy

Final discussions before movement


Still smiling!!

Planned route for the day, very professional.

DR for the day


The name says it all!!!

They are still smiling!!!

Bob seems to have brought the kitchen sink?


Arriving at the planned lunch stop.

A bit cold and windy but great view

Break for Lunch

Hope the heater is working Bill.




Slumming it!!






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