2010 Croft Nostalgia Weekend (return to Diary Page)

What a cracking weekend!!. Despite the odd shower most of the weather for the weekend was good and we had a fantastic turnout for a first time effort, all credit to Mike and his team for this one. The only sighting of Mike during the weekend seemed to be behind a pair of shiny headlights. From my observations everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves which is what it is all about and it makes a change to be woken up on the morning to the sounds of race cars making their way to race scrutiny rather than some early riser on the end of a bugle. We cut a rare site on Sunday morning with some 60+ vehicles in convoy taking the racing line around the circuit, they banned tracked vehicles from this little jaunt, I wonder why??




My other racing car is a ............



Very relaxed RSM


Ernie's birthday cake



Photo shoot prior to the weekend




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