2010 Bishop Auckland (return to Diary Page)

Small detachment of club members met a the B&Q car park to participate in the inorgral opening of the extended Bishop Auckland to Stanhope steam rail link known as the Weardale Railway. The campain to save the line began in 1993, the first trains running in 2004 in preperation of the reopening of the first section between Stanhope and Wolsingham. The clubs involvement was one of support as requested by the organisers and along with members of the re-enactment groups we were happy to form an intregral part of proceedings.


B & Q car park Bishop Auckland


Musical first aid kit??

Convoy leader seems relaxed

Try tweaking this one Ernie!!


My other car is a ............

You had to be there for this one!!


The brake's stuck!!!

Train arriving at Stanhope is the....


Very busy station platform



Next train to Hogwarts?

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