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During the course of the recovery Capt Chamberlin happened to comment on the fact that they don't get much of a chance to practice the full range of recovery, most of the time they are requieed to pull vehicles out of ditches or roll them back onto their wheels. It's rare to get an actual lift from a recovery and be able to use all of their kit. I've just the thing for you said I not wanting to miss an oportunity, we are having trouble removing a Half Track from the back of a low loader! Given enough time how do fancy having a go? We can certainly have a look when we get back to the unit was the reply. Brilliant!! Having looked at the job and the clock we got the thumbs up, shouldn't present a problem for this kit he said. I think Malcolm may have taken in a little water when they were about to lift but there was never any real doubt about it. The only difficulty we had was to move both recovered vehicles into the unit. This was finally accomplished by towing them in as far as we could with my land rover and having enough willing helpers to push them to their final resting positions.

My thanks go to all who were involved in arranging this little escapade and to Capt Chaimberlin and his team, SSgt Prichard, Cpl Calaghan, Cpl Findlay, LCpl Mair & Cfn Stoker, it was a great day, we built a few bridges and made some good friends.


Arrival at new location


L to R. OC Cpt Chaimberlin, SSgt Pritchard & Det photographer



Got to be some cryptic comment to fit this shot?????



Preparing to off-load the Half Track, any idea of the weight?

Decision made, we are ready to lift


Extending the support legs ready for the lift.





Ready to move the low loader


Ready to lower and move into dry storage area



Finally on the ground ready to mover inside and it's still b****y raining!!



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